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The Baltimore Sun – "For parents, this book is the ticket off the child-centric hamster wheel."

CBS Evening News - Sandra Tsing Loh quotes Three Martini Playdate in her commentary

The Charlotte Observer – "Mellor serves up a chuckle-filled read on having children. The wee book is packed with tips, opinions, recipes and retro illustrations all aimed at pointing out just how outrageous some parents can be. "

Chicago Sun-Times
– "'s what all the cool moms will be reading today..."

Contra Costa Times – "We love this book."

Literary Mama – "I found this book so funny and engaging that when my newest baby was but a week old, I stayed up to read it after the 2 a.m. feeding even though the baby had fallen asleep."

London Times - Sunday Times Books - What Lisa Hilton has on her bedside table.

Metro Pulse Online Magazine – "I can’t resist taking this opportunity to raise a chilled martini glass to Mellor’s tongue-in-cheek tome..."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – "The book isn't just for laughs. You'll actually learn something from 'Fiscal Planning and Your Tooth Fairy.'"

Montreal Gazette – "...wickedly funny but ultimately sensible new guide to practical parenting..."

Newsweek – "A witty guide to parenting... recommends that children be given back their childhood."

New York – Best Bets

Parents' Press – "...Mellor dispenses sensible advice with insouciant charm.

Phoenix Tribune – "...she’s here to say that there’s nothing wrong, or bad, with letting the kids lay on the rug and just be."

People Magazine – "Two tongue-in-cheeky paperbacks... offer brave new concepts for taking the drudgery out of child care."

– "...packed with real advice on how to get a kid to shut up, go to sleep or rub your feet."

Publishers Weekly – "...the author lays out a plan for parents to enjoy themselves and not be slaves to their children..."

Sunday Mail (from Australia) - Christie interviewed down under

Us – What celebs give their new-parent friends

Verve Magazine – "Have a girlfriend who's losing her freaking mind with a toddler?"


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