A few quiet rants, a commentaries and interviews.

Hometown Girl Makes Good! From the San Francisco Chronicle: Rockin' with Kids

BBC's The Woman's Hour with Jenni Murray. Jenni interviews Christie.

Victims of Childproofing

"People, Get a Grip" – an article that appeared in the Guardian UK 03/09/05. (click here to read)

"Grown-Up Time" – an article that appeared in “S” Magazine – The Sunday Express (UK) 03/13/05 (click here to read)

"And Another Thing" – from The "Sunday Life" Magazine of the Sun-Herald, Australia
(click here to open PDF file)

Read Christie's column, The Three-Martini Complaint Department in Mommy Tracked:


An edition of The Three-Martini Playdate came out in Great Britain in March 2005 from Simon & Schuster. Brand New Cover! Brand New Title! ("We Were Here First, Kid") Odd British word substitutions!

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